Valentine Re-mailing Program

Loveland's Valentine Re-mailing Program is the largest of its kind in the nation. The Loveland Chamber of Commerce and the United States Postal Service have been teaming up for 70 years with their internationally renowned Valentine Re-mailing Program. This program re-mails more than 130,000 cards each year from all 50 states and more than 110 countries.

To send your valentine through the sweetheart city, simply follow these instructions:

1) Address the valentine as normal (with the recipient's address)

2) Stamp the valentine as normal

3) Place the Valentine in a larger, first class envelope.

4) Stamp and address the larger envelope to:

         Postmaster - Attention Valentines
         446 E. 29th St.
         Loveland, CO 80538-9998

All valentines will be removed from the larger envelope at the post office, who will deliver them to our amazing stamping volunteers. These volunteers will add a little extra love to your valentine by stamping the Sweetheart City Cachet stamp and cancellation stamp. Finally, all valentines will be delivered back to the post office and sent with love to the recipient!

Important Dates for the Loveland Re-Mailing Program:

      Feb. 5th, 2017    Online Card Sales End
      TBD                     International Mail Deadline
      TBD                     US Mail Deadline
      TBD                     Colorado Mail Deadline

* Mail for these destinations may be sent after the deadline, however it will not get to the recipient before Valentine's Day.



Naturally, Lovelanders are very proud of their program that sends a message of love around the globe. In fact, there is a waiting list for people who would like to be one of the 60 plus volunteers who lovingly hand-stamp each card with a specially designed cachet for first two weeks in February. Check out the 2017 Volunteers:



Need a Valentine's Card!?
Why not purchase an Official Loveland Valentine Card to go with your Official Sweetheart City Stamp? You can purchase the Official Loveland Valentine Card online here. Be sure to notice deadlines to ensure timely delivery!


To see a video of our volunteer stampers enjoying the festivities and dancing to E.J. Bisiar's infamous "Please Be My Valentine" please click here.