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Barbara Hanfland, Front Range Family Health and Chiropractic

October 2018 - Featured Ambassador

Barb is the Practice Representative for Front Range Family Health and Chiropractic in Loveland.  Her role is to educate about spinal health by providing free spinal screenings, lunch and learns, sports talks and other health-related events to local businesses and Loveland schools.  She has been with FRFHC since January, 2018.  “I like telling people about Dr. Kellen’s skills as a chiropractor and raising awareness about healing the body naturally without drugs or surgery. Dr. Kellen was voted Best Chiropractor in Loveland 2018, something we’re all proud of.”

Barb has a long history in alternative health care.  She is a certified acupressure therapist and was the owner of two clinics, the Acupressure and Massage Center and Main Street Wellness in Dillon, CO, for 20 years.  She specialized in emotional release therapy for grief, domestic violence and abuse.   She and her husband, Tom, moved to the Table Rock Lake area in Missouri in 2006 to be with their aging parents.  In December, 2017, they moved to Loveland to be near their kids, Keri and TJ, and four grandkids.  “It’s a dream come true for our family to be together again.”

Barb’s experience as an Ambassador for the Loveland Chamber has been one of the highlights of their move to Loveland.  “We love living here. I get inspired by the passionate, forward-thinkers at the Chamber and in this great town, and there are many! They model how even one person can make a big difference, and I want to be one of those people.”